For place an order follow the steps given below :
1. Go to www.vbi.net.in
2. Then explore the products.
3. Choose the product and click on “Request A Quote”.
4. Fill the form.
5. We will receive your email and we’ll get back to you.

With the confirmation of the order, a deposit of 30% of total payment is required. Only after this, the goods will be prepared to be packed and sent from the Jodhpur dry port. The original bill will be sent to you after the rest of the bill payment is completed

We usually take orders on ‘Free On Board’ terms. In these cases, we fulfill the obligation to deliver the product at the mentioned port. It’s our responsibility when the goods are in transit to the named port of shipment. Once the shipment has reached the port, it is under customer’s responsibility. Customer’s inability to take possession of delivered container (at the destination), due to any reason shall make him/ her responsible for all the shipping and other charges incurred. This is applicable in case of FOB Incoterm. However, terms can be discussed at the beginning while placing an order.

Depending on the situation, the damaged case will be handled accordingly. However, any kind of manufacturing defect or damage due to deficient packaging will be covered by us

Complaints regarding the quality of contents are accepted only if:
a. If the total cost of damaged items is more than 5% of the total value of the container.
b. The documented claim must be made within 7 days of receipt of the container.
c. Any discrepancy found in the claim may lead to its rejection.
The customer shall be provided with approved compensation/ credits in the form of in-house credit to ensure replacement of damaged goods.

We have uploaded a few items that are usually demanded. Certainly, there are more to choose from. To view, just drop an email with the name of the item. Also, we would love to design something unique for you, if you can give your specific requirements with details.

We provide fulfillment of highest quality standards to our customers.

Usually, the delivery date is 45-60 days after the order is confirmed to us. Generally, we keep prior arrangements, but delivery dates may be extended in the rainy season, specifically during June to August.

We accept payment by bank throught T.T. we will give you our bankers detail with swift code.

When your order will be shipped, you will receive an E-mail with required information.